OTbeat™ Wearables

At Orangetheory, we get to the heart of fitness. Our versatile selection of OTbeat devices help you track the muscle that gives you More Life.

Otbeat Aspire Wearable

Otbeat aspire

Measuring metrics both in and out of the studio, the OTbeat Aspire is our first and only all-day wearable.

Otbeat Burn Wearable

Otbeat burn

Our newest wearable has a sleek, black band that can be worn on your wrist, forearm, or bicep. The OTbeat Burn measures distance, calories, and even changes in blood flow.

Otbeat Flex Wearable

Otbeat flex

If you prefer to wear your OTbeat on your forearm, the OTbeat Flex is for you! It has a breathable and comfortable armband and lasts up to 8 hours.

Otbeat Core Wearable

Otbeat core

Worn around your chest, the OTbeat Core comes with a removable pod and is both sweatproof and waterproof.

Compare OTbeat Aspire OTbeat Burn OTbeat Flex OTbeat Core
Sensor Technology info Optical PPG Optical PPG ECG
Battery Life info Rechargable battery with 24 classes of continuous battery life Rechargable battery with 8 classes of battery life Replaceable CR2032 battery with 1-year battery life
Charging info 2.5 hours 1.5 hours No charging required
Memory/History info 3 days of data storage - -
Activity Tracking info Splat Points, steps, distance and calories Splat Points, calories Splat Points, calories
Data Submission for out-of-studio workout yes Yes Yes Yes
1 Year Warranty yes Yes Yes Yes

OTbeat wearables are available for purchase at all Orangetheory studios. FIND A STUDIO NEAR ME

Care and Support

Caring for your device is important for it to last. Learn how to care and troubleshoot your OTbeat.

Care and support